From Layout to Finishing Touches

When designing a new house or remodelling an old one, the kitchen is an essential room to focus on. A well-planned kitchen not only raises the resale value of your home, but also improves its use and curb appeal. The kitchen is the centre of the home and should reflect that by being both aesthetically pleasing and functional.

We at Christian Blake’s Kitchens know that attention to detail is crucial for a well-designed kitchen. Every detail, from the kitchen’s layout and practicality to the materials and finishes, should be chosen with care so that it perfectly suits your demands and aesthetic tastes.

Thinking on the layout of a kitchen is one of the first things to do when creating one. How you use your kitchen and how convenient it is to get to different parts of the room depend on its arrangement. U-shaped, L-shaped, galley, and open floor plans are but a few of the many configurations for a kitchen. There are benefits and drawbacks to each possible plan, and the best option for you will depend on your individual circumstances.

When you’ve settled on a kitchen’s floor plan, it’s time to think about cabinets. Kitchens can’t function without cabinets, which are used to store food and cooking utensils. Traditional shaker-style cabinets sit with more modern, minimalist styles at Christian Blake’s Kitchens. Our cabinets are attractive and long-lasting because they are made by hand utilising time-honored joinery methods and premium supplies.

Changes to the hardware, lighting, and worktops in your kitchen may have a dramatic effect on the room’s aesthetic. Our hardware selection includes both traditional and contemporary styles. We provide a wide variety of lights, including task lighting, under-cabinet lights, and chandeliers. Also, we provide a wide variety of exquisite marble, soapstone, and hardy quartz to use as counter tops.

The last elements of your kitchen design are the ones that matter the most. What this means might range from picking the ideal flooring to picking the right backsplash to adding decorative features like artwork and accessories. Our design experts can assist you in selecting the best finishing touches to make your kitchen a reflection of your personality and taste.

We at Christian Blake’s Kitchens consider kitchen design to be an art form, and we take great satisfaction in working with our clients to construct stunning, highly practical kitchens that are a perfect reflection of each individual’s personality and way of life. We have the know-how and experience to realise your dreams, whether they involve a classic rural kitchen or a sleek, minimalist room. So why wait any longer to start planning the kitchen of your dreams? We are eager to work with you to design a location that you will enjoy for many years to come.